Jumat, 22 April 2011



I got your contact from the web as I browse through your area. I have the interested of establishing a business relationship with you. I inquire with you as I hope to achieve my business obligation through direct arrangement with you.
My plight is to invest in Real Estate (Commercial Properties) or any other lucrative investment that might be of interest but would like to collaborate with you as my Representative to help me in the purchase and securing of investment. I will welcome a partnership or some kind of joint venture investments in economically and financially secure state.

I am Engineer Mamdouh Ahmed Attia Ghareeb. I was born in Egypt also I have worked with Kuwait Gulf oil company as drilling shaft engineer for 11 years but presently in United Kingdom as my contract has ended on 2010.
I also intend to acquire good space of land in choice area for RESORT, land about (40,000sqm plus+) well situated and ideal for investment in tourism. I will be glad if my preposition is given adequate consideration.

Your respond should go directly to my private email:mamdouh.ghareeb@hotmail.com
With Kind Regards
Eng. Mamdouh Ghareeb
PHONE: +44703 183 3656,
+44703 186 8592 ,

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